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Solar Power

Saskatchewan has the best solar regime in Canada. The average 4-person household in Saskatchewan spends about $1,400 per year on electricity. A south-facing roof-mount solar array in Saskatoon can offset most of this consumption and will typically cost about $20,000. The Government of Canada offers a Canada Greener Homes Grant that can contribute up to $5,000 toward your solar installation.


Here's a 2-minute video on how grid-tied solar systems work. Come and talk to us about SaskPower's Net Metering program and Saskatoon Light & Power's Net Metering Program.

Your Next EV Sales Ltd. has a lot of experience in solar installations. Come to us with your address, annual electrical usage and we'll give you an estimate of the costs and payback. If you want to go further, we'll connect you with our preferred installer whom we've chosen for their experience, honesty and competitiveness.

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