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Home Chargers

Charging your EV at home is the primary option for most owners. All electric cars accommodate Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging stations and use the same plug on the vehicle (SAE J1772 Connector).




Level 1 AC Charger: 120 vac, 12-16 amps (1.4-1.9 kW)

This type of charger comes with the car from the manufacturer and plugs into a 120 vac, 15 amp outlet. 1 hour charging ~ 7 km of driving range in summer.

Level 2 AC Charger: 240 vac, 30 amps (7.2 kW)

This charger is purchased and installed at homes by a qualified electrician. Electrical requirements are similar to a clothes dryer or kitchen range. 1 hour charging ~ 40 km of driving range in summer.


Here's some more information on chargers from J.D. Power.

Your Next EV Sales Ltd. has several models of Level 2 AC chargers available. Our partner electrical contractor can install one for you.

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